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Custom Photography Collages
     Custom Photography Collages
Big River Ranch
Wine, Women & Horses
Couples '09
     Travies & Joanie
     Garrison & Elisabeth
     Barker_50th_Wedding _Anniversary
     Bruce & Amy
Senior Pictures
     Courtney Cash
     Grady Jarvis
     Prom Couple
     Jeremy English
Big River Ranch
Memorial Weekend
     Flag Race
     Poker Run
     Horsemanship Clinic
     Friday Random Photos
     Saturday Random Photos
     Sunday Random Photos
     Team Roping
     Team Roping 2
K and L Kennels
Saturday Event 02/07/09
Sunday Event 02/08/09
Saturday 2/21/09
Team Roping at Thorup Ranch
     September Roping
Family Portraits
    Holland Family
Schweikert Family
Billy Flagg
Aiven Miller
     Chargers Football
 Bennett Collage
     Chargers vs Knights